What is a Peptide?

Peptides are strings of amino acids, which are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body, including collagen and elastin in the skin. Without peptides, skin does not remain intact and the result is loss of firmness and elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, texture changes.

Types of Peptides

There are hundreds of different peptides, all of which are made from different combinations of amino acids.

The 4 main types of Peptides are:

  • Signaling Peptides – signals your body to heal, so your body will produce more collagen where you need it most.
  • Carrier Peptides – deliver trace minerals to the skin to boost collagen.
  • Enzyme Inhibitor Peptides – work to slow down the skin’s natural breakdown of collagen.
  • Neurotransmitter Peptides – touted as “Botox-like,” block the release of chemicals that cause the muscle contraction of expression lines, thus smoothing wrinkles.

So, are they worth the hype? Not all Peptides are created equally, and it pays to do your homework and check the formulation of the product, the stability of its ingredients and its ability to penetrate the skin barrier. Anything that is larger than 500 Dalton will not penetrate the skin.

Peptides can be a great addition to your skincare routine because they can address a variety of concerns. We recommend, as with all anti-ageing ingredients, the best approach is to use a range of high-quality ingredients, suitable to your specific concerns to achieve the best results. 

O Cosmedics has the worldwide exclusive rights to the V8 Peptide Complex™ and no other company worldwide can use it! The complex is highly regarded among skincare professionals for forging the way in proven anti-aging results. Found in all O products (excluding the pure C + BHA powder) V8 Peptide Complex™ works behind the scenes on the essential cell structure to age proof your skin and accelerate healing and rejuvenation, giving you ultimate skin health and skin youth.

At Pure Aesthetic we use Peptides on the skin frequently, our favorite Peptide treatment is the O Cosmedics Bio White Peptide Peel.

This peel utilizes a unique biomimetic peptide that provides optimal whitening and lightening effects on the skin. With concentrated levels of Vitamin C, antioxidants, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids this treatment has the power to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin! It is anti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory.