What is IPL Super Hair Removal 

Super Hair Removal is the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL technology

Benefits of IPL Super Hair Removal 

  • It is comfortable
  • Provides full coverage of the treatment area
  • Is quicker than traditional IPL
  • Is safer than traditional IPL 
  • Is more effective at treating finer hairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Super Hair Removal is a unique technology that gently heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth of the hair. Short pulses are delivered into the dermis using an in-motion or gliding technique which ensures full coverage of the treatment area. The machine utilises a special cooling system that provides a comfortable treatment.

IPL uses a single intense pulse of energy which targets melanin. This only makes it effective on dark and coarse hair. This also makes it more painful for darker skin tones, as their skin will absorb more heat energy.

Super Hair Removal, uses gentler pulses of energy at a higher frequency so the skin is heated gently. Only 50% of the energy is targeted at melanin, while the other 50% targets the stem cells responsible for hair production. This makes it a more effective treatment option for both coarse and fine hairs. 

Super Hair Removal is also a safer and more comfortable treatment option for clients with darker skin tones.

Whilst each client is different and has a different hair cycle, most clients will need approximately 6 to 10 treatments. Some clients will have a 70% reduction after just 4 sessions.

For best results, on average we recommend 6 to 10 treatments performed every 4 -6 weeks depending on the area being treated and the hair cycle. As the hair slows down and becomes finer, we usually space out your sessions. After completing a treatment course, we recommend maintenance touch ups every 6 months as required.

All clients are required to have a thorough consultation in order to:

  • Recording all medical history and conditions
  • Assess if the treatment is appropriate for you
  • Explain the Super Hair Removal process
  • Advise pre and post treatment care instructions
  • Perform a test patch
    (This will allow you to feel the Super Hair Removal on your skin and allow your therapist to monitor how you respond)
shr ipl hair removal
IPL Consultation
Full Leg $220
½ Leg $150
Full Arm $150
½ Arm $120
Underarm $75
Bikini $80
Brazilian $150
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