What are Teen Beauty Services

At Pure Aesthetic Skin & Body we offer a range of treatment options for the younger generation. Our Teen Beauty Treatments are available for pre-teens and teens that are 16 Years and under. Whether its their first time waxing or tinting, gaining some invaluable knowledge about how to care for their changing skin or just for some special pampering we have all your teens skin and beauty needs covered.

With adolescence comes hormonal changes which can often have an effect on the skin, this is normal and some teenagers breeze through this… some will struggle. At Pure Aesthetic we can assist your teen in caring for and protecting their changing skin, giving them the knowledge and understanding on how to avoid scaring and blemishes. Our therapists can help your teenager apply simple methods to their daily routine to assist in providing them with a healthier skin.

Teen Facial $75
Teen Tinting:
Teen Eyelash Tint $24
Teen Eyebrow Tint $20
Teen Waxing:
Teen Full Leg Wax $45
Teen ½ Leg Wax $33
Teen ½ Arm Wax $28
Teen Underarm Wax $22
Teen Bikini Wax $24
Teen Lip Wax $14
Teen Eyebrow Wax $24
Teen Hand Sugaring:
Teen Hand Sugaring Lip $17
Teen Hand Sugaring Underarms $24
Teen Hand Sugaring Bikini $26
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